GOAT Hair and Body Serum 4 oz

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Goat Serum is an everyday use serum for hair and body. It may be used as a manifestation and meditation body serum to use before meditation. GOAT Serum is made per individual. Each order will be blessed and prayed over per individual. It is not recommended to share GOAT SERUM, as it is made specifically for you.

Skin enhancing agents, may reduce acne, clearer skin, skin inflammation and can help prevent hair loss-overall promotes healthy skin and hair.

All GOAT Serums contain the same ingredients. GOAT SERUM is made with natural ingredients and does not contain ingredients made from pork. All ingredients used are FDA approved.

All orders placed are PRE ORDERS and will be shipped via 2 day shipping on August 21-25th

NO REFUNDS ON ANY ORDERS THAT HAVE A USPS TRACKING NUMBER. NO EXCHANGES. IF an item arrives damage please email deerosereikihealer@gmail.com a picture of damaged product within 8 hours of USPS delivery.

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