What is Distance Reiki?

Distance Reiki is allows a Reiki Practitioner to send Healing Energies across time and space. This healing service takes place via a video application provided by myself. The client will need access to a computer, iphone or android phone.  The Reiki Client is encouraged to be in a private space, in which he/she can stretch, lay, sit up and relax, preferably a bedroom and/or couch.

During most sessions, there is little to no talking by the practitioner. However, prayer is incorporated upon client request. Clients will sometimes notice physical sensations during the Distance Reiki session, just as they might during a in-person session—warmth, tingling, or a sense of relaxation or peacefulness. You might also notice the mind calming down or the alleviation of physical symptoms, and tingling in your crown chakra. 

As in-person Reiki, an initial Reiki Session is recommend, along with three (3) follow up sessions: Listed as Journey with Dee under Private Sessions.

My Experience with Energy Healing and Clients: I have learned most to all my clients have experience distance sessions almost as if I was in the room with them. They feel the tingles, the warmth, but most importantly the reassurance that they are in a safe place. I know I am only a vessel for the UNIVERSE, but the love I feel during sessions is a blessing, and I pledge to always work in love for you, for myself and most importantly for every Master Healer before me and after me.