Peace and Blessings! My name is Delilah Scott, known as Dee. Nice of you to read my bio! My answer to some of your first thoughts lol: I would like to say I chose this path, this journey, but that wouldn't be exactly true. I was shown this path during many life stages, and have been presented its force on many occasions. However, through GOD, our angels, ancestors, the universe (whatever you want to call it), showed me just how great I could be in this path. This is a significant part of my path, and I stand in it, confidently, and secure. By the Power of GOD, and what is destined for me I live this life. I have been on my journey for more than 10 years and I truly enjoy helping others heal. It is my passion. Perhaps I lived this life before, and with my prior knowledge I can only be destined for greatness now. Whatever it is, I look forward to building with like-minded kindred souls. I practice as a Spiritual Teacher/Mentor. I help others find their way, find their spiritual gifts, their purpose whether that be spiritual work-or fulfilling their destiny- find their contribution to the world, through GOD/UNIVERSAL ENERGY.


Location: I am originally from the East Coast, where I practiced and taught Energy Healing, as well as mentoring services. I am now located in the Midwest.


Experience/Education: Prior to  practicing as a Spiritual Teacher/Mentor, I worked in the healthcare field, specifically growing into regulatory law, for a total of twelve years. I worked with organizations that provided service to patients with chronic illnesses. I developed patient care programs, policies and procedures, as well as hired personnel applicable and in compliance to the organization's regulatory board, as well as state, local, and federal laws. During my professional career,  I discovered I, myself, was not as healthy as I needed to be, and was having a horrible time dealing with daily stresses of life, so much it was affecting my health. It was then I decided to begin my self-healing journey. I began by having faith in my ability to self-heal, then I incorporated meditation and prayer into my daily life. Regardless of what was happening, I kept a consistent schedule for my self healing work. Slowly, everything else fell into place. I healed myself. I became a person with a deep devoted passion to transform the negative energy around me and in me to a positive flow. Energy became my focus and I grew from there.

Peace by Peace: I spent a few years practicing spiritual healing techniques for myself and others, including, but not limited to essential oil and herbal holistic services, then teaching and offering healing services.  Soon after that, I learned Reiki and Mastered Reiki.  At this time I had already a developed a unique skill in Energy Healing. I utilized my past experience, along with my unique sense of Energy Healing to help others heal through Reiki, Spiritual Healing and Prayer, and Mentorships. It has become "just what I do".​ As a Spiritualist, I utilize my deep sense of intuition, and GOD'S guidance, to determine where healing is needed. We are all guided and protected, let me show you what this means.