I conduct REIKI Classes: Reiki Level I, II, Masters and Teachers, How to Cleanse the Aura, and Intuition Enhancement Courses for beginners and experts. During all courses students will receive Reiki Healing from me.

We use Reiki energy everyday. For parents, when was the last time you rubbed or kissed a  "boo-boo"? That is Reiki. Or perhaps when you have a headache, you grasp your head. You keep your hand there until hopefully it stops. That is Reiki. Our bodies are made up of energy, we use our hands to comfort hurt, to communicate love, we are transferring and focusing energy.  Reiki is inherent, instinctive and innate within all of us. It amplifies and intensifies the power of touch, it promotes balance, peace, and harmony in your spirit, mind and body. Reiki can be learned to help yourself, and anyone of any age or sex.  


Reiki Classes: Usui Reiki

Reiki Level I and II Certification: Two Day Course (Total: 14 hours) $275

A Reiki Level I and II Course encourages the student to practice healing techniques on themselves, and others. During this course we will review the history of Reiki, the importance of energy healing, Reiki Level I and II symbols: Cho Ku Rei, Sei He Ki, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, as well as aura cleansing. You will be attuned with Reiki Level I and II. With this attunement you may practice Reiki on yourself, clients, family and/or friends. Reiki Level I and II Guidance Manual included.

Reiki Master and Teacher Certification: One Day Course (Total: 8 hours. 6 hours Master, 2 Hours Teacher) $325

To complete a Reiki Master Course you must be previously Reiki Level I and II attuned by a prior Reiki Teacher, certification of completion must be emailed prior to registering for the course. During a Reiki Master Attunement you will receive a Master Symbol: Dai Ko Myo. With this attunement, you may continue practicing Reiki Healing on others, BUT also attune others to Reiki. This course includes a Reiki Master and Teacher guidance Manual.



I also conduct other workshops based on client needs and/or inquiries. Ranging from business to spirituality to women's healing. Check out this page often, to see what new goodies I have in store.

Sat, Mar 28
Reiki Master's Workshop $275
During this workshop your receive Reiki Level III attunement. You must have completed a Reiki Level I and II prior to taking this workshop. Must present certificate of completion.
Fri, Apr 24
Spiritual Healing Retreat
A sacred private spiritual retreat held in Illinois for those on a spiritual journey. During this retreat you will have access to spiritual teachings, ceremonies and events.